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In a nutshell : history

From its inception over 150 years ago the YMCA has grown into a global movement which makes a real difference to millions of lives every day. Traditionally YMCA services have delivered distinct, mainly stand alone services tailored to meet the needs of specific communities. YMCA Bolton is one of 114 YMCA organisations operating in nearly every local authority, which, in conjunction with; YMCA George Williams College, Y Care International, YMCA Training and Central YMCA Qualifications and YMCA England, form the YMCA Federation in England.

The strength of the YMCA movement has been its national presence whilst responding to the specific needs of the communities in which it operates locally. Since its beginnings in 1884 YMCA Bolton has developed from providing social, educational, sporting and religious activities; to an inclusive organisation which is working to transform communities.

Over the last twelve years, supported by the current Chief Executive, a multi dimensional approach has been taken, seeking to engage the most vulnerable young people in our community, providing access to comprehensive opportunities for personal growth and development.

This transition has meant that YMCA Bolton has gained extensive expertise and experience in supporting young people and their families, and we have been particularly successful in reaching young people who may feel isolated and alienated from their communities.

In a nutshell: nowadays!

Today YMCA Bolton, located in the centre of Bolton, provides a unique range of services for young people including family work, promotion of mental health and well being, supporting young people into training and education, providing advice and support for young people as they move into independence and adulthood; as well as offering unique experiences to develop skills through national and international YMCA programmes. 32 young people accessed YMCA Bolton ’s International Programme in 2014

Through our international and national links YMCA Bolton has been able to offer young people “once in a lifetime opportunities”, and provide programmes focused on youth participation and empowerment. The young people said the YMCA” helped to build their memories” and “shape their future”.

In a nutshell: Fundings

Over the last few years YMCA Bolton has been successful in securing a number of Contracts which have included funding from Bolton MBC, BBC Children in Need, Bolton at Home, Ministry of Justice , Hindley Prison, LLoyds TSB, Department Of Employment, Big Lottery in partnership with GMVCO and European ESF funding in conjunction with the WEA (Workers educational Association).