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The Y:Pad Project

Over 200 vulnerable and disadvantaged YP will benefit from YMCA services each week.

The Bolton Y-Pad & Academy project marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the history of the YMCA in Bolton. It will see the demolition of the existing YMCA building, which was beyond economic repair, to be replaced on the same site by the £6.2m development of forty new units of accommodation (single person flats for YP aged 18-25) and a base for our YMCA Academy.

The accommodation is high quality and yet affordable as we targeting young people aged 18-25 who usually aren’t able to access this standard of property. These young people will be local and may be  care leavers, those leaving supported housing schemes, at risk of homelessness, living within poor quality and poorly managed private sector properties or suffering from low level emotional/mental health issues. In reality they are young people that without support could and do become vulnerably housed and even worse homeless very quickly.

The impact of having access to a quality home at this stage in their life along with the support they need is huge for them and will last a lifetime.

To achieve this impact we will provide day-to-day support that will focus on developing residents career prospects and physical and mental wellbeing to ensure it becomes a positive influence on their ability to successfully transition to independent living. A career and wellbeing plan will be coproduced to cover:

  • Wellbeing – diet, nutrition, physical and mental health and social activities
  • Career development – developing leadership, teamwork and employability skills including working on career progression through accessing appropriate education and training opportunities

The young people we support will leave stronger physically and mentally, with greater employment prospects, ready to realise their FULL potential and make their mark on the world.

We are on track to open our doors in APRIL 2022… we can’t wait to hand over the apartments keys and welcome our first young tenants!

How you can help

£6.2m is a huge amount of money for an organisation like the YMCA to raise. Thanks to the amazing support we have received from sources to many to mention here, we are on the final straight. That being said, we haven’t quite reached the finish line yet, so with that in mind we would be grateful if you could make any kind of donation. Your support would make such a difference!

Thank You

We would like to thank the following funders for their kind support:

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