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Marianne’s Story

5 September 2014


1-ub-marianne (1)“Before I discovered the YMCA youth club my life was hard. I was helping my mum look after my gran who had dementia, I wasn’t getting out much and school life was difficult.

The YMCA youth club gave me the opportunity to get out of the house and have a break from worrying about my gran and other things on my mind. I needed time away from home because I never had a chance.

It was a great way to focus on other things and after a while I really started to enjoy it and get more involved in fundraising and project work.

I’ve been attending YMCA for nearly four years now and it has changed my life. The workers have helped me through some very rough times, and earlier this year they even helped me trace my biological father. They have given me some amazing opportunities, and overall made me more relaxed and happy about things.

I hope to go to university in 2016 to study musical theatre or performing arts but I’m also interested in becoming a youth worker so I can help people just like me.”

Marianne, 19, YMCA Bolton


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