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Liam’s story

5 September 2014



I am Liam and I am 22 years old and want to change

the world, I have never worked and want to do

positive things with my time to make a difference.


I have been involved in the YMCA through the Talent Match programme since June and this has given me opportunities to volunteer within the YMCA and take part in a international project to Romania which build up my confidence and allowed me to achieve. From being a part of the YMCA a found out about the learning cafe and wanted to attend.

My time on the learning cafe I learnt to be part of a team and I’ve also learnt:

-team building skills

-problem solving skills

-communication skills

-leadership skills

I think that I’m more than ever ready to volunteer and im in a better place now having completed the learning cafe.

The learning cafe gave me another opportunity to go abroad to Bulgaria. I believe that the skills I have possessed from my first project and the learning cafe has helped me complete the Bulgaria project.

I have gained more confidence in changing the world and will carry on volunteering and will not stop until it has changed.


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