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Chris Kent: A Thank You Message to Bolton YMCA

5 June 2014

Chris Kent: A Thank You Message to Bolton YMCA



I want to say a massive ‘thank you’ for the past five years to all the staff, volunteers and members at Bolton YMCA, especially Chris Bailey, Kim and Michael. The time I have spent at the YMCA has really helped me develop as a person, and I believe that the support and encouragement I have been given has meant that I have matured and grown up in time for life at University.

The advice and opportunities that I was given helped me to focus on my ambitions and made me believe that I could achieve my ambitions. Now I am in Cambridge I have been going to the local YMCA as a volunteer to try and pay back some of the debt that I owe you all, and when I’m back in Bolton in the foreseeable future, I will make sure that I come and put in time as a volunteer to try and inspire other young people who might be facing the same issues that I faced as a teenager.

I have really missed you guys, and have found it pretty difficult to get out of the routine of going down to the youth club on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights. The Basement was like a second home to me and I always found a welcome and someone to talk to.


Thank you all, again, so much. I’ll definitely be back in as soon as possible … and then you’ll be stuck with me all summer !


You’ve helped me become who I am today.

Chris, 19.

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