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Bolton YMCA supports France after tragic events of 13th November

On Friday 13th of November 2015, tragic terrorist attacks happened in Paris.

During our Drop-In session and the Youth Council last Monday, young people got opportunity to express themselves about events. They shared their feelings and how they reacted when news were announced.

“It upset me as innocent people have suffered for some others self-pleasurement and gain from something so horrible and disgusting. I am also disgusted at people blaming one race for the attacks when infact its just the minority of people causing this problem. I also feel sorrow for the families that have lost others due to the attacks. My heart and health goes to everyone there as they will need it in this dark times.” Adam, 17.


Young people of Bolton YMCA wanted to send their wishes to Parisians and French people. To join their chain, you can print the sign and post your picture on Facebook. #BYMCA

Chris Kent: A Thank You Message to Bolton YMCA

Chris Kent: A Thank You Message to Bolton YMCA



I want to say a massive ‘thank you’ for the past five years to all the staff, volunteers and members at Bolton YMCA, especially Chris Bailey, Kim and Michael. The time I have spent at the YMCA has really helped me develop as a person, and I believe that the support and encouragement I have been given has meant that I have matured and grown up in time for life at University.

The advice and opportunities that I was given helped me to focus on my ambitions and made me believe that I could achieve my ambitions. Now I am in Cambridge I have been going to the local YMCA as a volunteer to try and pay back some of the debt that I owe you all, and when I’m back in Bolton in the foreseeable future, I will make sure that I come and put in time as a volunteer to try and inspire other young people who might be facing the same issues that I faced as a teenager.

I have really missed you guys, and have found it pretty difficult to get out of the routine of going down to the youth club on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights. The Basement was like a second home to me and I always found a welcome and someone to talk to.


Thank you all, again, so much. I’ll definitely be back in as soon as possible … and then you’ll be stuck with me all summer !


You’ve helped me become who I am today.

Chris, 19.