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Our Values



YMCA Bolton `s Vision is …
To be a sustainable young person`s Christian organisation, which recognises the multi-cultural nature of Bolton, and by harnessing the energy and potential in our community empowers young people, especially those who are most disadvantaged, by helping them to develop their potential in body, mind and spirit  and empowers young people to fully participate in our community and wider society through engaging with local and global issues which positively support community cohesion and intercultural harmony.

Our Mission remains unchanged and we seek to be an inclusive Christian movement welcoming people of all faiths and none, transforming communities so that all young people truly belong, contribute and thrive regardless of their past experiences or present social circumstances.


Our aim  is to work with young people to empower  them :

to be active in their own communities,

to improve their physical health and emotional wellbeing

to develop skills to increase their employability


Our mission is to give young people a voice and a role; helping them to develop positive life skills; to build resilience; to recognise their potential and to support their aspirations.

We specifically seek to engage and develop hard to reach young people in the most disadvantaged communities to reduce their isolation by encouraging access to our youth provision were they can build positive relationships. Therefore we offer the majority of our services free of charge to minimise the risk of financial cost being a barrier to young people wishing to access help and support.