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EU referendum discussion



Thank you for everyone who attend the event yesterday! We had a good attendance and young people asked questions! A special thanks to Liam Thorp who chaired the discussion!

The event in few figures
21 : the median of attendees’ age
6 : parties represented yesterday
10 : questions aked from the floor
2 : videos available online of the event (“YMCA Bolton” on YouTube)

Designed for young people, this night was the opportunity to find out more about key issues around the EU referendum, understanding arguments from both sides of the debate and, obviously, be able to form your own opinion.

We had 6 people coming to represent their parties and explain why they want to leave or stay in the EU. The discussion was well balanced as we had just as much of remains as leaves.

******************************** THEY WERE THERE********************************
– Alan Johnson from the Greens
– Cllr Andrew Martin from the Liberals
– Gary Titley from the Labour party
– Cllr Zoe Kirk Robinson from the Conservatives
-Martin Tighe from the UKIP
– Adam Rose from the Lexit group

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Proud to be part of #TeamBigTweet



Today is the international Missing Children’s Day. All over the world, thousands of young people are missing.

Supporting Missing people’s campaign on Twitter, we’re trying our best to help and hopefully find young people still missing. You can also be part of the #TeamBigTweet for the day by appeals on Twitter. There are many ways to be part of the campaign including adding a Twibbon to your profile picture on social medias.


Visit  Missing people’s website to be involved!


Newsletter March

What happened last month in YMCA Bolton ?

You can find it out on our newsletter about the Drop-in Youth Club!

Newsletter march 2016


Newsletter February

What happened last month in YMCA Bolton ?

You can find it out on our newsletter about the Drop-in Youth Club!

Newsletter February 2016 masquerade


They made their own animated film!

On the 11th and the 12th of February, children from our St Andrew’s youth clubs went to the Bolton Science & Technology centre.

They were thought what’s clay animation and how this king of films are made. Then, they had the opportunity to make their own characters and displays to achieve their films.

Aw they all enjoyed it and were brill xxx” Carole, staff member

” I loved it especially Millie’s banana man bless her the behaviour was amazing well done everyone xx” Julie, staff member

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Networking thanks to YMCA : Coffee morning and Opportunities fair


What an amazing morning on the 3rd of February 2016!

Around 70 people came to YMCA Bolton Main Hall to enjoy coffee and to build relationship with organisations of Bolton.

“Thankyou to everybody that contributed to the opportunities event and made it a success. It was a brilliant day” Lana, Talent Match Coach


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Newsletter January 2016

What happened last few months in YMCA Bolton ?

You can find it out on our newsletter about the Drop-in Youth Club!

Newsletter January 2016

tous pour un


Octagon Theatre for children from St Andrews project


On 4th of December, thanks to a lottery funding which allowed us to pay for the event, 20 children went to the Octagon Theatre to watch the BFG.

We had 20 young people and 10 staff groups from Thursdays club 11-14’s and Friday club 6- 11’s.

All were brilliant and enjoyed everything looked after each other.

It was a Christmas treat for the young people who attend all year and to give them social and cultural opportunities!



Annual General Meeting 2015 in a nutshell


Bolton YMCA held its Annual general meeting on the Twelfth of November. The night was in part a celebration of the last twelve months of work, which also gave the staff, young people and volunteers to talk about their work and plans for the next twelve months.

The meeting was presided over by the President of Bolton YMCA, the Bishop of Bolton Rev. Chris Edmondson. The guest of honour was the Mayor of Bolton Cllr Carole Swarbrick.

During the evening, the attendees were treated to a musical performance by Vice-chair of Bolton YMCA’s Youth Council Rachel Higham.

The evening also saw young people being rewarded for their hard work in the last twelve months, with George Booer received an award for his volunteering with Third Space Café.

Daniel Wells received this year’s “Bolton YMCA Young volunteer of the year”

John Tabi was awarded “Bolton YMCA volunteer of the year”

Joe Roe was given this year’s attendee of the year, which speaks volumes of his involvement with the YMCA in the last twelve months.

The AGM also gave a chance for Bolton YMCA to celebrate the achievements of the young people, who have taken part in working projects abroad. It gave a chance for those young people to show their work to family and people in Bolton, plus receive their qualifications from the President.

Annual review 2015

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Bolton YMCA supports France after tragic events of 13th November

On Friday 13th of November 2015, tragic terrorist attacks happened in Paris.

During our Drop-In session and the Youth Council last Monday, young people got opportunity to express themselves about events. They shared their feelings and how they reacted when news were announced.

“It upset me as innocent people have suffered for some others self-pleasurement and gain from something so horrible and disgusting. I am also disgusted at people blaming one race for the attacks when infact its just the minority of people causing this problem. I also feel sorrow for the families that have lost others due to the attacks. My heart and health goes to everyone there as they will need it in this dark times.” Adam, 17.


Young people of Bolton YMCA wanted to send their wishes to Parisians and French people. To join their chain, you can print the sign and post your picture on Facebook. #BYMCA


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