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Be A Volunteer

Volunteers are what make the work we do possible, without them the activities we put on would not be as successful. The impact they will have will change a Child or Young Persons life for the better! Volunteering is a great way to build experience and skills.

When fifty hours are completed,   volunteers can then receive nationally recognised certificates for their CV.


What can I do?

The youth and community work at the YMCA is split into three main areas:

Children’s work 5-13 yrs old, Youth work 13-19 yrs old, Prison work 15-18 yrs old, The YMCA runs sessions at the main centre and at various centres around the town.

There are many options for being a youth volunteer at the YMCA:

  • Children’s work 5-13 yrs old this can be in in our main centre or out in one of our community projects  Cleaning The YMCA runs sessions at the main centre and at various locations around the town.  Maintenance Moving furniture
  • Cleaning
  • There are other roles too including:
  • Charity shop work etc.
  • Youth work 13-19 yrs old
  • Administration

Capture volunteering2What next?

Before you sign your volunteer contract, you may be invited to a session to get a feel of what’s going on and how the session works. Its important that during this you remain professional and use common sense, if you feel uncomfortable at any point speak with staff or the project manager.    It’s important that you follow the safeguarding procedure as there is a certain standard of practice expected from all staff and volunteers. Remember it’s important to be honest and if you don’t enjoy it, don’t volunteer for it find a different role that you enjoy more. We would like to remind prospective volunteers that it is our policy to remain professional at all times.

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