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Our History

YMCA Bolton has been located in the same town centre building on Deansgate for 98 years providing a place where young people  get involved in a range of activities, access intervention services or just hang out and connect with their peers in a safe place.

YMCA Bolton is part of a worldwide movement whose central aim is to enable young people and other members of the community to achieve their full physical, social, cultural and spiritual potential. YMCA Bolton strives to transform peoples lives by providing an inspirational journey we believe that by fulfilling this vision we can change and enhance lives.

From its inception over 150 years ago the YMCA has grown into a global movement which makes a real difference to millions of lives every day. The strength of the YMCA movement has been its national presence whilst responding to the specific needs of the communities in which it operates locally. Since its beginnings in 1884 YMCA Bolton has developed from providing social, educational, sporting and religious activities; to an inclusive organisation which is working to transform communities.


In a nutshell: nowadays!

The key dimension to YMCA Bolton work in the community is focused on young people and their development in body, mind and spirit from childhood through to adulthood. Our approach stems from the steadfast belief that appropriate guidance and assistance at the formative stages of a child and young persons life hold not only the key to individual progress but shapes the collective development of the future community.

YMCA Bolton is an integral member of the THRIVE partnership funded by Bolton NHS CCG, YMCA Bolton is commissioned to deliver community based mental health intervention alongside four VCS organisations. The THRIVE sessions include a closed mental health support group named Re:Think as well as 1:1 sessions.

YMCA Bolton also recently launched a new intervention project named Reclaimed Futures which focuses on tackling the key barriers that exist for young people aged 18-26 who have a background of offending by redeveloping their self-identity and stopping the cycle of reoffending while trying to secure meaningful employment.

YMCA Bolton  is funded by Bolton Council to deliver a Craft a Story project and outreach work at a Skate Park located within the Town Centre. These projects are focused on delivering outreach and positive activities to at risk children and young people within Bolton.


Our Funders

YMCA Bolton has received funding from the Lloyds Foundation to deliver the Reclaimed Futures project for 2 years as well as being commissioned by Bolton NHS CCG to deliver community mental health intervention as part of the THRIVE partnership.