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EU referendum discussion

1 June 2016



Thank you for everyone who attend the event yesterday! We had a good attendance and young people asked questions! A special thanks to Liam Thorp who chaired the discussion!

The event in few figures
21 : the median of attendees’ age
6 : parties represented yesterday
10 : questions aked from the floor
2 : videos available online of the event (“YMCA Bolton” on YouTube)

Designed for young people, this night was the opportunity to find out more about key issues around the EU referendum, understanding arguments from both sides of the debate and, obviously, be able to form your own opinion.

We had 6 people coming to represent their parties and explain why they want to leave or stay in the EU. The discussion was well balanced as we had just as much of remains as leaves.

******************************** THEY WERE THERE********************************
– Alan Johnson from the Greens
– Cllr Andrew Martin from the Liberals
– Gary Titley from the Labour party
– Cllr Zoe Kirk Robinson from the Conservatives
-Martin Tighe from the UKIP
– Adam Rose from the Lexit group

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