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Ben’s Story

30 September 2015


 My Name is Ben and I am 22 years old and

have been unemployed since leaving school

 and have not been able to gain employment.

 I am currently staying in accommodation at the

YMCA in Accrington and have been there now for

 just over a Year.

 I recently found out about Bolton YMCA through a partnership organisation who told me about international work experience abroad going ahead with Bolton YMCA. I took part in the opportunity I found it really rewarding and wanted to get involved in more opportunities and one of the workers told me about a project coming up called The Learning Cafe and how this could also lead to another opportunity internationally.

 I signed up for The Learning Cafe as I through it would be good for me to improve my confident, have the chance to go on another trip and improve on my leadership skills. I also hope for it to help me look into trying to gain employment working as a youth worker as this is a job I am particular interested in.

I attended The Learning Cafe where I worked on the skills and was able to take part in a trip to Bulgaria completing work experience. I also created my CV through a CV Sessions, took part in team building exercises and learned interview techniques and now I feel more comfortable applying for jobs/training opportunities.

 This work experience abroad allowed me to gain more confidence, skills and knowledge. I was able to improve on my team work and leadership skills and now have experience working with Young People and it should stand me in good stead for a future in Youth Work.

 I now feel I have a better my chances of finding employment. I would recommend The Learning Cafe and the international volunteering. I have now enrolled on another “Talent Match” which is being run through Bolton YMCA and now been completing job applications and hope you gain employment soon.

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